8. Which overland tour is better, Shichuan-Tibet or Qing...

8. Which overland tour is better, Shichuan-Tibet or Qinghai-Tibet?

The overland tour from Shichuan to Tibet is most beautiful one among the roads into Lhasa, but it is most dangerous. The road is gravel-based and goes across Hengduan Mountains. In the rainy reason, the mud-rock flow usually happens. In winter, mountain passes are covered with heavy snow. The seasons are uncertain. Accommodations and meals are very poor on the way. It is very suitable for the adventurers and travel enthusiasts.

The overland tour from Qinghai to Tibet is the safest. Every year, the road is under construction but most part is asphalt road. Accommodations and meals along the way are the best among all roads to Lhasa. However, the scenery along the road is very dull. It is very suitable for tourists who enter Tibet for the first time.

9. What about accommodations and meals along the Qinghai-Lhasa road?

The accommodation could be arranged. In Xidatan, Wudaoniang, Tuotuohe River, tourists could stay in the guesthouse or the army service station. Usually, there are vacancies at any time. In Anduo area after Tanggula Mountain, there are hotels. Hot water and bathing could be done. In guesthouse, there is still no hot water.

It is no problem to find places to eat along the road. Chinese food is usual. And the instant noodles and biscuits also could be bought along the road.

10. How is the accommodation in Tibet? Is it necessary to take the tent and the sleeping bag? Can the tent and the sleeping bag be rented?

The accommodation in Tibet is improving, but the hotel class is lower than that in other parts of China. For example, the 3-star hotel in Tibet is around the same as the 2-star class in other cities.

In Lhasa and Shigatse, the accommodation ranges from the guesthouse to the 4-star class hotels.

In Gyantse, Tsedang and Ningtri, the accommodation ranges from the guesthouse to the 3-star class hotels.

In Tingri, Zhangmu and Nagchu, the accommodation ranges from the guesthouse to the 2-star class hotels.

In remote places, there are only guesthouses.

According to your tour itinerary, you could decide whether you take the rent and the sleeping bag or not. If you only visit these big cities in Tibet, you could take nothing. If you visit some remote places, you’d better take the sleeping bag. In the remote guesthouse, sanitary condition is not good. At the same time, it will be warmer in the sleeping bag. If you make a trekking tour, cycling tour or other adventure tours, you have to take the tent and the sleeping bag.

It is very convenient to rent a tent and sleeping bag in Lhasa. They are charged by the day.

11. How to choose the tent and sleeping bag

You are suggested to take the anti-minus-15-degree-centigrade down-filled sleeping bag and the anti-wind & rain Double-alpine tent.

12. How many star hotels in Tibet? Very expensive?

There are more than fifty star hotels in Lhasa, about twenty star hotels in Shigatse. They are enough for tourists except in May 1st holiday, October 1st holiday and Shoton festival in August. In other places in Tibet, there are not so many star rate hotels. Because of its high altitude, there is a sharp contrast between high season and low season, with few tourists in the low season. The cost of hotel rooms in the peak season can be 30% higher or even double that of other cities in China.