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Going to Tibet I believe would be best done with a tour guide. I have been to China four times, and Tibet twice. The first time, I traveled with a tour guide and was able to understand Tibet Culture and Tibetan better.My second time, I also asked for a tour guide for me and my friends who they visited me while I was teaching in China. 

When going to Tibet, make sure that you learn about the customs that the people follow: if you do not follow them, they will think you're rude. If you want to know more tips or taboos of Tibet tours,you can visit But, be sure you get to know the local people! Tibetan are a kind and smiling  people. Furthermore, it is requiried by Tibet Tourism Bureau that a guide is compulsory for a tour group, even if you travel alone!


For your first time of travel to Tibet, I will recommend you go with us ( ), which has organized many travelers to Tibet after May. It is a reliable travel agency, because they can provide the client's enough travel information for reference, I trust them.

Their reply to me are professional and prompt, even after I pay the money to them. But you'd better tell them your ideas and ask them to plan a tour for you, that was what I have done with them.