2006 is an important year for me.It is 2006 when I graduat...

2006 is an important year for me.

It is 2006 when I graduated from Sichuan International Studies University. It is 2006 when I found my first full-time job as the tour advisor online for Access Tibet Tour. It is 2006 when I made my dream came true to visit the holy place-Tibet.

What I want to share the experience with you is Tibet tour. Though it is the winter when we visit Tibet, the winter in Tibet is still beautiful. It is very lucky for a green hand to visit Tibet in the arrangement of our company.

In fact, most tourists choose to travel in Tibet from July to October, so it will be too crowded to find own space at that time. You have to book everything months in advance, otherwise there are no train tickets, air tickets, rooms, guides, even vehicles.

However, everything will be booked easily in winter and the tour cost will be the cheapest. You also book everything only seven days in advance.

Seeing is believing. I want to share some beautiful pictures about the winter in Tibet first. We didn’t use professional camera but just a simple one.

See pictures taken in winter while travel to Tibet

One of them is Mt. Everest. Can you find it ? :)

We made the itinerary Lhasa-Shigatse-Sakya-Shegar-Rongbuk Monastery-Lhatse-Lhasa, but it is very pity that we can not reach to Mt. Everest Base Camp since the time does not permit. If you have chance to visit Mt. Everest in Tibet, you only need to spare at least seven days.

I don't want to make too much prompt. Everything need to be found yourselves. 

I just want to say: "Go to Tibet this winter :)."