The joy of a tailor-made itinerary is that your holiday is ...

The joy of a tailor-made itinerary is that your holiday is designed around your requirements and you are not restricted to the set itinerary of a group departure.

1)Do you like the look of one of our suggested itineraries but would like to stay at alternative accommodation or include a few extra days and extend your holiday? 

2)Are you going on holiday to relax rather than spend your time packing and unpacking, moving from one place to the next? 

3)Are you celebrating a special occasion - perhaps your honeymoon, a special birthday or an anniversary? Why not enjoy each others company in privacy without being part of a larger group? 

4)Are you travelling abroad to stay with friends or family and wishing to add-on a safari, a cruise, or even some self-drive exploration? 

5)Maybe you only want to be away for a long weekend, or perhaps you have an extended amount of time to enjoy travelling and would like us to help with part of it? 

6)If you have a limited amount of time, group departure dates often don't fit. 

You may well want a private vehicle, or the very best naturalist the region has to offer. 


If the answer is YES to any of the above, then a tailor-made holiday is the perfect solution!