Tailor Made Trip- a unique journey designed just for you!...

Tailor Made Trip

- a unique journey designed just for you!

At TibetTravel Dot Com we specialise in tailor-making holidays. This is what we started doing from eighteen years ago, and it is what we are doing now - it has been our philosophy right from the very start, when the first Tibet Travel brochure was produced. A tailor-made holiday gives you the freedom and flexibility tobased on when and where you want to. You are unconstrained by the wishes of a group, and we can design your holiday according to you can do what you want, when you want.

To make this process a little easier, our website shows a whole series of trips, each with names, and each with a specified length. These are all 'tailor-made' and they operate without minimum numbers. They are our ideas for your holidays. We have 'been there and done it' and we know what works on a trip and what doesn't. As a result, many of our travelers choose to 'book their holidays off the page'.

However, all of the trips that we show can be adapted to suit your requirements. We can make them longer or shorter. We can chop bits out of one itinerary and into another. We can combine countries. And in all the countries that we operate, we can design completely different itineraries from scratch.