Bri-gung Monasteryis a famous monastery in Tibet, well-kn...

Bri-gung Monastery

Bri-gung Monastery is a famous monastery in Tibet, well-known for performing celestial burials. It was founded in 1179 by the founder of that tradition, Drigung Kyobpa Jigten-gonpo-rinchenpel.

The monastery also named Drigung Til Monastery is named after its location in a valley about 150 km east from Lhasa, in Drigung district, and is the mother monastery of the Drigung Kagyu (Drikung Kargyu) tradition.

It was destructed in the Tibetan fighting between two Buddist Sects. Reconstruction works began in 1980. Drigung Kagyu traditions are nowadays also kept at the Jangchubling Drikung Kargyu Institute at Dehra Dun, Uttar Pradesh, India, founded in 1985.

Bri-gung Monasery has always emphasized meditation practice, particularly of the tantric specialties of its founder. There is a long tradition of meditators living in caves above and around the monasery, engaged in intensive practice of the six teachings of Naropa (Na-ro chos-drug, six yogas of Naropa) and the Possessing Five Tradition (lnga-ldan). From time to time, these yogis living in retreat would have to demonstrate their meditation accomplishments before the two heads of the Drigung Tradition, the Drigung Chetsang (‘Bri-gung Che-tshang) and Drigung Chungtsang (‘Bri-gung Chung-tshang).