Lamalin Monastery is a Buddhist monastery located in Buc...

Lamalin Monastery

Lamalin Monastery is a Buddhist monastery located in Buchu, Nyingchi County, about 26km southeast from Bayi Town. Buchu Lamalin is the biggest and most important Buddhist temple in the Nyingchi area. Lamalin Monastery belongs to the Nyingma, meaning that their lineages go back to the first transmission of Buddhism from India to Tibet circa 750 CE. The Nyingma Sect (the Red Sect) incorporated many of the traditions of the native Tibetan Bon religion which keeps local nature spirits.

The whole monastery looks like a Mandala. Surrounded by mountains in three directions and facing the delta at the mouth of the Minyanghe River, the monastery is built on the third flights of relief by the left bank of the lower reaches of the river. 

The whole temple is made of wood and stone. The architectural design of the monastery is ingenious and solemn for its unique style. The chapel, in a square courtyard, lies in a green enclosure. The flying eaves and painted timber columns have shown the perfect fusion of different art styles between Tibetan and Han culture.

The octagonal main temple had been wonderfully restored and rises through four storeys. And it is draped in long strands of wooden prayer beads. Above the main prayer hall is a kora with four protector chapels in each corner.

It boasts the remains of stones upon which Padmasambhava, founder of the Nyingma Sect, left his footprints and the exquisite murals which are rated as a superb feature of eastern Tibet. It benefits from the location in the lower reaches of the Nyang River, an area where it is said the religious contests between Buddhism and Bon once took place.