Tibet University is the main university of the Tibet Aut...

Tibet University is the main university of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It has two campuses: one in Lhasa and one in Nyingchi. A forerunner was created in 1951 and the university was officially established in 1985, funded by the Chinese government.

Tibetan Studies is attracting not only local people from the Tibetan ethnic group in western China but also Han people, China's major nationality, from other parts of the country, and even learners from abroad.

The Tibet University in Lhasa, capital city of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has become the largest cradle for would-be researchers in Tibetan Studies, according to Vice-Chancellor Lobsang Namgyai, Sr.

The largest institution of higher learning in Tibet, the university now accommodates more than 9,000 students, of which nearly 20 percent are in the Department of Tibetan Studies.

Besides locals, the total students in Tibetan Studies include students of Han nationality and learners from the United States, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Italy, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan Province of China.

The student recruitment from outside Tibet is attributable to the glamour of the Studies on Tibet itself and the university's sound teaching and researching system in this regard. Meanwhile, the location of the university is also seen as an advantage for learners and researchers to study almost every aspects of Tibet, allowing them access to the Tibetan culture and daily life of the Tibetan people.

The university has arranged curriculum for graduates specializing in Tibetan language and literature, the history of the Tibetan minority and traditional Tibetan paintings and music.
There is a state-level research institute of Tibetan Studies in the university. Besides, Tibet University set up more than 10 scientific research centers, such as cosmic ray laboratory and Tibetan Studies Institute as humanities and social sciences research base. Since the school entering into China's key education development program "Project 211", it can gain more funding support from the government to develop scientific researches in the future.

Website of Tibet University:  http://www.utibet.edu.cn