With efforts from the CPC Committee and government of t...

With efforts from the CPC  Committee and government of the Tibet Autonomous Region, development of higher education in the region has witnessed remarkable success, which in turn provides strong impetus for economic growth and social progress.

Photo taken on Dec. 18, 2008 shows students passing the gate of Tibet University. Being the biggest comprehensive university in Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet University now boasts 8,000 students on campus, photo from Xinhua.

Higher education institutions seek development through reform in educational practice, developing specialties with ethnic feature, and emphasizing creativity. As a result, specialties such as Tibetan medicine, Tibetan literature and others are further fostered.

At present, there are altogether 108 undergraduate majors, and another 126 in professional training programs. Three bases and 18 units are qualified to confer master's degree.

Postgraduate education starting from scratch grows in strength to claim an enrollment of 520 students at present. The gross enrollment rate of higher education has reached 19.7 percent.

In 2008, the whole region boasted six colleges and universities, with a total of 29,409 enrolled students, 14 times that of 1978.