With the approaches of the Labor Day, all the scenic spot...

With the approaches of the Labor Day, all the scenic spots, travel agencies, shopping malls, stores, restaurants, furniture markets, as well as other related industries are active for promotion activities in Lhasa.

The coming Labor Day is bringing shopping centers promotion to a new level in Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. Many businessmen make use of wide variety of services, discount information and affordable prices to attract more consumers. 

Besides, the various food including pork, beef and fresh fruits with stable prices are sufficient in supermarkets to meet the needs of Lhasanians during the Labor Day.

Since Tibet's tourism has been reviving with the increasingly warmer climate, the tourism-related industries have also been warming up. All the scenic spots in Tibet have made full preparations to welcome the tourists at home and abroad during the Labor Day.

In addition, a concert rehearsal named "Revolutionary Songs--Lhasa" will be held in Dzongyab Lukhang on April 29th to celebrate the Labor Day.

Source: China Tibet Information Center