Welcome to work with us!Want to stay for a time in Tibet ...

Welcome to work with us!

  • Want to stay for a time in Tibet and China?

  • Want to know more about Tibet and China?

  • Want a free trip to Tibet?

  • Want to work with some nice Chinese and Tibetan people?

Tibet Travel dot com offers these opportunities for you! Both short term volunteering (no less than 3 months) and full time job (longer than 6 months) are wanted.

Job description:

1.     Work as a language (English) consultant to polish the web copies, product descriptions and other English documents; do some trainings to improve the staff's English capabilities;

2.     Work as a marketing assistant to do research on our target market and target customers - to learn more about their needs;

3.     Take some inspection trips in Tibet, write travel journals and reviews, improve and optimize the tour programs, etc.

4.    Help us to improve and promote our website and products;

5.     Where to work: Chengdu

What you get from this opportunity:

1.     A happy working environment to stay with a team of enthusiastic and nice young people;

2.     A great experience of working and living with local Chinese and Tibetan people; better learning of our history and people;

3.     Free trips to Tibet;

4.     A salary which is higher than the average pay for the local people, but much lower than the average pay in the western countries.

5.     Free training for you to learn Chinese (if you want) and other Chinese culture.


  • Age from 28 to 50 years old;

  • Native speaker of English with excellent writing skills;

  • Fairly good at using computer and Microsoft Office system;

  • Working experience or skills related to travel business is preferred;

  • Skilled in network and website construction;

  • Love to travel and communicate with people;

  • Obey the laws and regulations issued by Chinese government

If you are interested in this job, please contact us.