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Tibet tours
Tibet tours Traveling to Tibet is unbelievable? You may think it is a great adventure to go for a Tibet tour before you actually reach there. I would like to say, however, a trip to Tibet is unforgettable, never and ever regretful if you really do so. Why? Because you will see friendly and smile people, stunning and breath-taking land, mythic and unique religion after the trip. A journey to Tibet is just like what a famous poet and statesman Chairman Mao said "The boundless scenery is at the perilous peak."
Those quite enough make you forget about the scares of high altitude symptoms which everybody has, fears of imagined simplicity which makes you uncomfortable. You are also worry-free in obtaining the Tibet travel permit which is a Must documentary to enter Tibet because you are now talking with and browsing a liable, experienced, and trustworthy tour company, not a middle-person or a department rented, virtual online business. Do not hesitate, shake your hands with ours, and you will be safe and sound in and after the trip.
Hot and Best-selling Tours
Custom Tibet Tours for family and party of friends.
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  • Tibet tours
    4 DAYS   Price:$405 from
    4 days Lhasa group tour
    Tibet tours
    6 DAYS   Price:$550 from
    5 nights 6 days Lhasa-Namtso lake group tour
    Tibet tours
    6 DAYS   Price:$647 from
    6 days Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse group
    tour with train
    Tibet tours
    8 DAYS   Price:$808 from
    A Different 8 Days Group Tour to Mt. Everest with train Plan A
    Tibet tours
    8 DAYS   Price:$808 from
    A Different 8 Days Group Tour to Mt. Everest with train Plan B
    Tibet tours
    7 DAYS   Price:$900 from
    Small Group Overland Expedition to Kathmandu (6 nights/7 days)
  • 4 DAYS   Customize It
    5 DAYS   Customize It
    Visit Tibetan Culture Cradle
    6 DAYS   Customize It
    Tibet Golden Route
    7 DAYS   Customize It
    7 days Eastern Tibet Tour
    8 DAYS   Customize It
    Different 8 Days Tibet Tours
    8 DAYS   Customize It
    Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse plus
    5 DAYS   Customize It
    Damgxung Horse Racing
    9 DAYS   Customize It
    Lake and Mountain Trek
Train Tour Trekking Bird Watching Cycling Camping Festival tour
Tibet Tour Plus
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Tibet/Kathmandu Tour
Tibet is as mysterious as her religion-based culture unlike any other in the world, as beautiful as her marvelous landscapes created by the magic craftsmanship of the nature. This tour will take you to explore her very essences across the roof of the world that was ever far far away. ...
8 nights/9 days
The Great Wall-Chinese Kungfu-Terra Cotta
Warriors - Tibet
From the imperial capital Beijing, to ancient capital Xian, to Chinese Kunfu native town, and to the starting city of Tibet Train, it is really a train ride trip. You will experience different cultures including Chinese and Tibetan; you will hear .... ...
12 days
Beijing, Pingyao, Xian, and world famous
Tibet train to Lhasa
This tour is from Imperial Beijing, to typical ancient China town Pingyao, to old China capital Xian, and finally take famous Tibet train to Lhasa. You can experience different culture and landscapes of China. You will climb the Great ...
14-16 days
Tibet Train Tour
Now you can take a Tibet train tour on the world's highest railway known as 'Qinghai-Tibet Railway'. Although traveling to Tibet via railway does take more time than by plane, it gives you much more enjoyment of the wonderful landscapes and a unique experience on the thousands of miles traveling on the roof of the world....
9 days
How you can travel in Tibet
Easy, short time, and comfortable
For those like you who do not have much time, and cannot go in depth for adventrue, or want to enjoy a Tibet trip but with comfortable staying, eating, ect. you can go to choose this kind of Tibet tour...
More Tibet, more local, more...
In about 7-10 days time, you can than ever experience Tibet in more area to know about what farmers and nomads do and their life. May have a complex of Tibet tours of trekking, sightseeing, and culture understanding
Adventure on the road
This kind of tours needs unsurpassed interesting in Tibet as a whole. Adventure to deep mountain valley, horse or yak riding, camping, etc. to explore Tibet. This kind of tours usually refers to Ngari area, Mount Kailash, etc
Customers say about us...
Nobody is perfect, but we have been trying to be excellent.
Jana Midriakova     2015
Tour Code: TT-N-20846-140205
All in all, however, we were very glad to travel with your agency and we shall certainly recommend it to other travellers or use your services again if the opportunity arises.Read more
Mike    2015
Tour Code: TT-V-5070
The moment of the tour for me was arriving at Rongbruk monastery and seeing the summit of Mt Everest. The hotel in Lhasa ( Yak ) and in Shigatse were very good, comfortable, with hot bath and a good Read more
Nicole   2015
Tour Code: TT-JA-5398
I would like to thank you and your team for a wonderful tour setup. Begging with your professionalism, warm support and willingness to make our group .Read more

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